OBT :: Out Bound Training Programmes


goGallivant has modules for the corporate employees to get trained in management and interpersonal skills through the medium of outdoor exposure.

  • it's Play but not a Joke
  • it's Fun and still Learning
  • free from stress, enui & ego alike
Why gG OBT?
  • Experiential and Participatory Learning: Since the training entails involvement of participants, they tend to retain a lot of information they learn.
  • Physical Freedom and Movement: The participants tend to learn better in a stimulating environment that encourages them to think.
  • Physical and Mental Activities: The OBT program activities bring to the fore the Endurance, Determination and Resourcefulness of the participants.
  • Pain can be Fun: We believe work can be pleasurable, depending on YOUR approach to it. This idea gets imbibed during OBT program.
  • Supervised observations by experts: Since the camps / excursion trips are conducted in informal settings, the experts can supervise the participants at their (participants') spontaneous best.
Team Activity
Helium Rod / Stick
Smiley / Appreciation ACT
Drum Circle
Roman Catapult
Movie Making
Magic Mats