This section is for Job Aspirants willing to pursue a career with Corp Scan. We fondly call them Ace for the Race.

Here we advertise our posts to fill in the vacancy arising due to ever growing need for qualified professionals with the proverbial "will to kill". You need to be ambitious and be willing & not waiting to be told. We expect the incumbent to not only limit to having been the best - but having the designs and desires on anvil to ever improve upon their performances.

What count with us is the passion, the spirit and the drive - and we welcome them on board who possess the said. Ace for the Race - is the person identified with requisite skills, knowledge and exposure to walk us through the threats and opportunities, which comes on way during the forward march of Corp Scan. The incumbent should be able to map own vision, mission, goal(s) and objective(s) with that of Corp Scan to be the Ace for the Race.